Creating an atmosphere that assists individuals in understanding and fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Equip individuals with tools that enable them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses allowing them to become more productive members of their family and community.

To provide programs that promotes awareness of relationships between decisions and behavior.

Just As I Am Ministries, Inc. is implementing with help from individual donors and corporate sponsors, the following Initiatives in communities to help individuals become more productive members of their family & their communities.
1. Housing, Free Clothing for individuals and families, Financial aid as funds become available, and individual and family counseling.
• Current Housing Focus is on homeless veterans and families. A recently renovated apartment building has been provided for homeless veterans.
• The David Lewis Iglehart Veterans Spiritual Haven Apartments Located at 1308 Tabor Street in Waco, Texas 76704, dedicated on Memorial Day 2016.

2. Freely Receive-Freely Give Family Clothes Pantry at 1134 Kellum Street in Waco provides clothing free to those who may be entering the workforce, families in need, and in unplanned emergency events.

3. Focus on Equipping Youth with spiritual and educational tools that increase their chances of success today and in the future.
• Future Plan. Renovation of the Historic Alpha Movie Theater in Waco as a“Musical and Theatrical Arts Center for Youth” at 221 Clifton Street in Waco.
• Transportation vehicles for transporting youth to various sport and other related events
• Future Plan. Daycare Center for working moms at 401 Clifton Street in Waco.
• Second 5 ½ Week Summer Bible Institute for Kids Planned for 2018
• Sponsorship of Youth Sports: For the last five years, JAIAMI has sponsored the Brazos GATORS Pee Wee Football Teams
• After school programs for training youth in music, theater & other performing arts


Just As I Am Ministries, Inc. (JAIAMI, INC.) provides the following Outreach Services:

1) Bible Study Group Meetings Location: 610 DeShong Smith Street, Waco, Texas 76704
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm – Saturday & Sunday morning from 8:30am-9:30am.

2) Community Outreach – Saturday & Sunday after our Group Meetings 3) Prison Letter writing ministry.

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